RV04 — AMAZON, Tower of Terror!!

AMAZON, Tower of Terror!!

Here is the beautiful and powerful Gia again, this time its the full video. Watch this sexy amazon toy wth her very much smaller male opponent, as she stands 6’2 and he stands only 5′ tall. She outweighs him by more than 80 lbs as well. She uses her massive and well toned muscular legs to clamp around his head and squeeze the life from him, Listen to his gasps as she even does schoolgirl pins on him. She has the most vibrant yet evil smile throughout the whole match. As it goes on, her male is weakening very rapidly, as she sits and squeezes the life from him. See the sweat glisten from well well tanned body as she pins him in reverse crushing his head between her enormous thighs. This amazon knows the meaning of making someone suffer, whether she places her moves on him quickly, or slowly with great care, theres no escaping this giant. She manhandles him alone with her awesome power. Video shot in 3CCD quality.

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