RV32 — Blond and Lethal! Featuring Selina!

Blond and Lethal! Featuring Selina! (22 minutes)

Selina is an Italian yoga instructor who is flexible, and has very strong thighs and legs.With her perfect dark skin, small cute frame she tears into Chad with quick takedowns, tight headlocks, and moving from one move to another with ease. She locks him up with lethal figure four headscissors both front and reverse making his face turn beat red, then pummels him with an arsenal of sexy facesits that leave him breathless. Towards the end he manages to get ontop of Selina which enrages her as she flips him off, pinning him for what was supposed to be the last submission as she facesat him, but then shows off at the end with her scissor skills and literally flips him one last time, bangs the mat and walks away….. What an awesome showcase of arrogance!!!!

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