CMX10 — Basement Beatdown – MIXED MATCH

Basement Beatdown – MIXED MATCH (33 minutes)

This video features Stephanie our very new wrestler. She is a force to be reckoned with. She stands a towering 5’9, weighs 130 lbs, streaming blond hair, piercing blue eyes, and is a kickboxer. Well we pit her up against our wonderful male jobber, and she beat him senseless. We would have thought that because she was new, that her talent would not be that good, well we were wrong. The power of her legs could crush rocks, and our guy found that out as his head just about exploded numerous times. She used some brutal tactics to beat this guy down, and we were gonna stop filming but we figured naw lets keep it rolling. She had him down in a reverse schoolgirl pin/ facesit, and anytime he tried to move she took her knuckles and drove them into his solar plexus with full force, and also punched him pretty hard a few times. She also used a headscissor, reverse and front facesit pins too. Running time approx 1hr. Attire is shorts and tube top.

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