TV01 — Topless Triumph

Topless Triumph

This is a no holds, no rules male vs female battle where she is wearing nothing more than a skimpy baby blue bottom. Her hot, topless frame is on full display as she gets right to work with a series of front and reverse facesits that would make any man cringe. But this physical humiliation is not enough as she has to verbally humiliate and taunt him as well. “Can’t beat a girl, huh?” She cruelly states as she pumps and grinds her but on top of him. He is a real jerk as he tells her to go F*** herself and even gives her the finger! She laughs and states “In your dreams pal!” He is so arrogant as he even has the nerve to compare her to Brittany Spears! You will have to order this clip to find out how she responds to that!

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